Part 2: What You've Tried To Do To Fix It

It's important for us to spend some time talking about the things that you've tried in attempt to fix your sales issues. 

Most of you the coaches, consultants, and agency owners I talk to are't just sitting around on their butts assuming selling just has to be this way. 

If you're anything like them you've tried or are currently trying to fix your sales issues. Some of the most common things I hear people are trying are:

High-Ticket Sales Courses/Programs
6/7-Figure Sales Scripts
Outsourcing Sales via Sales Agency or "Closer"

Either you've considered these things, tried these things, or are currently trying those things. 

I want to be clear that none of those things are inherently bad per se. However you're still dealing with those same sales issues. 

So I felt like it'd be super important for us to talk about why those things didn't solve your issues. So for instance high-ticket sales courses, the course was good. You had a few takeaways. But honestly, you never found the time to sit through and go through that entire program.

Your to do list is long enough without the additional task of having to sit through 96-hours of training videos.

You've used so many different sales scripts by now and they definitely give you a feeling of confidence... But each sales call is unique and RARELY do things ever go exactly how they are on the script. Which leads to you fumbling around the call trying to find your foothold again. 

Not to mention the awkward part of a new script when you catch yourself sounding like a brainless drone reading the script word for word.

You figured outsourcing would be the best solution because it "requires zero work from you" and you can pass sales call off to the closer... Except now your businesses entire future is in the hands of someone else. And you thought it would be simple but it's more like a second babysitting job. 

You've gotta make sure that they're representing your business well and not rubbing potential clients the wrong way. They're incentivized to close anything that breathes since it's how they put food on the table. Which often leads to you working with people who aren't a good fit for ya and become headache clients. Not to mention now you're making less since you've gotta give them a chunk of each sale. I'm sure your accountant will be thrilled right?

Those are the kind of the common things that I've seen people try. If you've tried or are currently trying those things do not panic. All of those things can be helpful. They can give you incremental increases in sales but none of them address the real issue.

Let's address the real issue...