Part 3: The Real Issue

The real issue is every single one of those things we just listed are trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer. 

When I was young if I was trying to build something and needed a hammer but couldn't find one I would use the backend of a screwdriver as a hammer. 

Can you do it? Yes, but it takes you a lot longer and it's a lot harder. You exert a lot more energy than if you were to use a hammer. And this is why sales are difficult for you right now.

Sales are difficult and you're having the same issues repeatedly because you're misusing the phone. The phone is a sales tool. It's not a marketing and pre-selling tool. And the reason your running into difficulties is because the people you're talking to on the phone are too far away from the hole.

I like to think of sales as golfing. I'm horrible at golf and my golf games doesn't exist outside of playing at TopGolf but I think it paints a clear picture. Obviously at the beginning of a hole the ball is far away from the hole and if I were to use a putter when I'm 200 yards from the hole will I make it in the hole? 

Possibly. Just like I can use the backend of a screwdriver to hammer something in but I'm going to be using way more energy and I'm going to miss the hole more often than not. Things are gonna be very difficult for me using a putter the entire time compared to if I were to use a driver to get the ball to the green and then pull out a putter. 

A lot of times sales calls are so hard because we're using the phone which is a sales tool and we're trying to use the phone to bring someone who's far far away and bring them all the way to the hole with the phone. With my way of selling, the one I'll teach you shortly, we get people on the green right next to the hole like this. 

We only want to use the phone when people are that close to the hole and then we can close them there. That's where we can use our putter. Peter Drucker a well known ad respected marketer was quoted saying "the purpose of marketing is to make sales non necessary".

If a prospect is that close to the hole do I actually need to use the phone? The answer is yes. Maybe to answer a thing or two for a prospect and then take payment but that's nothing more than a 12 to 15-minute conversation. 

How much more open would your calendar be if you were only having 12 to 15-minute strategy calls? 

How much easier would your calls be if the person that you're talking to on the phone doesn't need a bunch of convincing and arm twisting? They just hop on the phone to get a few questions answered and then give payment. 

Well let's transition and talk about how to make that happen.