Part 4: The Death of Traditional High-Ticket Selling

In order to do this effectively we need a simple system to ethically close people who are a fit ad turn away people who aren't so that you can spend more time serving your clients than selling them.

You need a P.I.T.A Filter. PITA stands for 'Pain In The Ass' filter and it's designed specifically to:

Weed out and eliminate tire kickers
Solve a prospects indecision BEFORE a sales call, moving them closer to the hole
Save you time and increase sales without any arm twisting on the sales call

A PITA Filter is NOT an application. As a matter of fact I've had clients remove their application forms completely in place of a PITA Filter.

Also a PITA Filter is not static. It's dynamic. I've had PITA Filter's in written format, video format, over the phone, or even on stage.

This isn't a piece of software. It's about solving the prospect's indecision BEFORE your sales conversation. That way we're not over working ourselves trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer and missing out on sales.

When a PITA Filter is in place we've seen closing percentages on sales calls up to 90%. The chart below shows a representation of the average percentage increase we see.

If you're a novice sales person who typically closes somewhere between (10-20%) with a PITA Filter in place we've seen a sales increase to about 40-50%.

If you're an expert sales person who typically closes somewhere between (21-45%) with a PITA Filter in place we've seen increases up to 70-80%.

Not to mention sales calls are much shorter... 15-20 minutes top and we see show up rates skyrocket too as a result of implementing a PITA Filter.

Think about how powerful that could be. I don't know how many calls you take a week right now but let's just do quick math. Let's say that you have 10 calls a week and you're only closing 10% so you get one new client a week which is four new clients a month.

In this example we will assume your offer is worth $2,000. So you collected $8,000 this month. Now $8,000 is respectable but there's another 90% of your calls that you didn't close. 

Well let's put a PITA Filter in place. Nothing else changes in the business we still have the same lead flow. No need for more leads. No reason to pour more money into advertising to get more calls booked but because of the PITA Filter you're closing 40%.

Same 10 sales calls a week, but now you close 4 out of those 10 and you do that every week. You literally just increased your monthly income by 400% going from 4 sales to 16. Which is $32,000 collected instead of $8,000 from a simple tweak to your sales process.

You literally injected cash flow into your business by being able to close more of the people you're talking to without needing to be great at sales because the prospect had already decided before they jumped on the call. That's the power of a PITA Filter.

I know you’d need more info but if you’d like my help spending more time serving clients rather than selling them and want to close more deals with 15-min sales calls

I’ve got details for you on the next page but let me be clear on who I’m useful for and to.

I’ll be pretty useless to ya if you’re just starting out in biz or don’t have an offer you’ve already sold effectively to clients that love it.

If neither of those situations are you then we can close $5k, $10k sales like clockwork when we apply the right pre-selling.

For those of you guys who would be getting my help on this. Not only will I show you how to spend more time serving than selling your clients but you’ll also see how to book an additional 5-15 sales calls a week.

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I'll see you there,

- Coach Bowie