Would You Like To Spend More Time Working & Serving Your Clients Than Selling Them?

Most coaches, course creators, and agency owners that I talk to don't hate sales calls...

They HATE:

...feeling like a slime ball during sales calls

...spending hours on a sales call with a prospect just to hear "let me think about it"

...not knowing what to say when price objections are brought up

...that nervous feeling they get every time the phone is ringing and they secretly wish the prospect doesn't answer

In A Perfect World...

They would love for a prospect to know exactly how they could help them.

Know all the details and specifics of what that help would like.

Be aware of how much getting their help would cost.

And be ready and willing to pay that amount.

That way when they get on the phone with a prospect instead of...

Doing a whole song and dance to tap into their prospects emotions and convince them why they should choose you. 

They could pickup the phone...clear up any lingering questions and then collect payment.

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