The Real Problem ISN'T Your Skill As A Salesperson...

Are you aware that it’s been proven in case after case that the problem is what happens or DOESN’T happen BEFORE your call

Far more important for closing the sale than what you say on the call.

When a prospects' indecision is solved BEFORE you speak to them you can stop hearing "I want to think about it" and start hearing “IM IN!” up to as much as 80% of the time

We even see a lot of 60-min strategy sessions drop to 6-minutes when we solve prospect’s indecision BEFORE...

How The Hell Do You Solve Indecision BEFORE The Sales Call???

I'm sure there are many ways it could be done but over here we solve prospects indecision using something I call a P.I.T.A Filter (Pain In The Arse Filter)

It's designed specifically to:

*Weed out and eliminate tire kickers

*Solve a prospects indecision BEFORE a sales call, moving them closer to the hole

*Save you time and increase sales without any arm twisting on the sales call

The PITA Filter is like having a Brita water filter for your business and instead of filtering out dirt it filters out folks who aren’t ready to invest in your help now!

Leaving you with all the money and freedom and none of the hassle

A PITA Filter is NOT an application. As a matter of fact I've had clients remove their application forms completely in place of a PITA Filter.

Also a PITA Filter is not static. It's dynamic. I've had PITA Filter's in written format, video format, over the phone, or even on stage.

This isn't a piece of software. It's about solving the prospect's indecision BEFORE your sales conversation. That way we're not over working ourselves trying to use a screwdriver as a hammer and missing out on sales.

When a PITA Filter is in place we've seen closing percentages up to 90%. The chart below shows a representation of the average percentage increase we see.

A novice sales person who typically closes somewhere between (10-20%) with a PITA Filter in place we've seen a sales increase to about 40-50%.

An expert sales person who typically closes somewhere between (21-45%) with a PITA Filter in place we've seen increases up to 70-80%.

Not to mention sales calls are much shorter... 15-20 minutes tops.

Think about how powerful that could be. 

Let's say that you have 10 calls a week and you're only closing 10% so you get one new client a week which is four new clients a month.

In this example we will assume your offer is worth $2,000. So you collected $8,000 this month. Now $8,000 is respectable but there's another 90% of your calls that you didn't close. 

Well let's put a PITA Filter in place. Nothing else changes in the business we still have the same lead flow. No need for more leads. No reason to pour more money into advertising to get more calls booked but because of the PITA Filter you're closing 40%.

Same 10 sales calls a week, but now you close 4 out of those 10 and you do that every week. You literally just increased your monthly income by 400% going from 4 sales to 16. Which is $32,000 collected instead of $8,000 from a simple tweak to your sales process.

You literally injected cash flow into your business by being able to close more of the people you're talking to without needing to be great at sales because the prospect had already decided before they jumped on the call. That's the power of a PITA Filter.

Want to use a PITA Filter in your business?

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