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6-Minute Sales™

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Lesson 1 - Prepping For a 6-Minute Sales Call

Homework - Complete the Million Dollar Marketing Matrix as shown in the video


Lesson 2 - Qualifying Prospects The 6-Minute Sales Way

Homework - Take your present pains from the Million Dollar Marketing Matrix and create 3-5 symptomatic qualification questions. 

Lesson 3 - Introduction To The P.I.T.A Filter

Homework - Create your first P.I.T.A Filter following the prompts and examples you were shown inside Lesson 3


Lesson 4 - P.I.T.A Filter (Part 2)

Homework - Check your completed Filter against this real life example

Lesson 5 - P.I.T.A Filter (Part 3)

Homework - Try creating a video version of your P.I.T.A Filter just like the one shown in Lesson 5

Lesson 6 - Money in The Bank Formula

Homework - Use the M.I.B. Content Framework to get a wave of prospects to express their interest in getting your help so you can filter them through the 6-Minute Sales Call process.

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Bonus Section

After watching the videos in Module 1 go through the bonus section

Bonus - money in The bank Funnel Template

Homework - Create a simple landing page using the M.I.B Content Framework shown above. Then share it on your social media channels

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