There's a little SECRET about selling $2k-$50k offers that the top 1% of coaches and agency owners know - and you don't... YET.

But don't worry, inside of 6-Minute Sales I peel back the blinders & help you spend more time SERVING your clients than selling them...






Hear More "I'M INs" At The End Of Calls

Solve prospects' indecision before you speak to them so you can stop hearing I want to think about and start hearing “YEAH!” up to as much as 80% of the time

Top Of The Line Prospects Only

Turn away lookie-lous, tire kickers, and unqualified people BEFORE they ever get on a call with a P.I.T.A Filter. The PITA Filter is like having a Brita water filter for your business and instead of filtering out dirt it filters out folks who aren’t ready to invest in your help now!

Leaving you with all the money and freedom and none of the hassle

More Free Time

With the 6-Minute Sales™ system in place start spending more time serving your clients than selling them! 

The 6-Minute Sales™Difference

Are you ever disappointed when you spend an hour on the phone with a prospect and they tell you I need to think about it?

Do you find yourself lowering your prices and promising more and more in hopes they’ll hire you?

Or charging another sales course to your credit card...

Only to get more:

“I need to check with my husband”

“I don’t make rash decisions” or

“Where can I get a list of references?”

Well the real problem isn’t a sales call or your skill as a salesperson.

Are you aware that it’s been proven in case after case that the problem is what happens or DOESN’T happen BEFORE your call

Far more important for closing the sale than what you say on the call.

When prospects' indecision is solved before you speak to them you can stop hearing I want to think about and start hearing “YEAH!” up to as much as 80% of the time

We see a lot of 60-min strategy sessions drop to 6-min or less even when we solve prospect’s indecision BEFORE...

Over here we solve prospects indecision with a P.I.T.A Filter (Pain In The Arse Filter 🤫)

The PITA Filter is like having a Brita water filter for your business and instead of filtering out dirt it filters out folks who aren’t ready to invest in your help now!

Leaving you with all the money and freedom and none of the hassle

Inside I’ll show you how to bolt a PITA Filter on to your business following the templates I give ya and you’ll have a clearer calendar and more stripe notifications hitting your phone by weeks end

If it sounds too simple you’re right. It took me over 4 years and investing thousands into my business to make it as easy as ABC so I could have the lifestyle I wanted. And inside I share it all with you.


Hey! I'm Elijah Bowie!

I'm a highly sought out online business coach and speaker. Most known for his sales knowledge and systems. I've coached hundreds of businesses across the world in over 20 different industries on my proven methods for getting more sales including some of your favorite brands and influencers. 

I'm personally responsible for over $28 Million dollars in sales.


3-Day get 6-Minute Sales™ implemented fast without skipping any steps.
Million Dollar Marketing proprietary system for selling offers people pay top dollar for.
P.I.T.A Filter successfully filter out all tire-kickers, lookie-lous, and unqualified prospects leaving you only with buyers who are ready and willing to invest.
Money In The Bank Content get more applications than you can handle. More prospects to filter equals more sales.
6-Minute Sales take the guesswork out of using 6-Minute Sales Calls in your business.


Now only $57!


Daniel Guaragna

Sales Agency Owner

"I used the strategy on the phone call... and closed a $10,000 deal in 10-minutes for coaching"

Eddie Zhang

6-Figure Business Mentor

"Locked up $16K this week (using the system) because I'm a boss.. Oh and I didn't discount sh*t"

Sell Big-Ticket ALL DAY In 6-Minutes

"BE QUIET! I’m on the phone!"

If you're a business owner or entrepreneur selling big ticket programs...

...scheduling your life around strategy sessions sucks the life out of you faster than Zuckerberg changes the FB algorithm. 

Driving home like you’re in a scene of Fast & Furious after picking up the kids from school so you're not late for your sales call.

(or miss half of your kids game because you're on a call only to have your prospect say, "Let me think about it and get back to you.")

And then there's the "shushing 🤫"...

... getting the kids, spouse and dog to "keep it down" while you're on the phone ends up making you feel like Ms. Janis the librarian

This is why I've been helping good biz folks GET OFF THE PHONE and focus their energy and effort to other areas of their business.

We're getting $2k, $9k, $15k and even $42k clients like clockwork...

...using my 6-Minute Sales System™.

Strategy sessions and sales calls are an important part to any business, but...

Have you noticed that with all the new competition out there - you're having to stay on the phone longer too?

People are more skeptical today than ever.

They want more references. 

They want more time to compare you to the competition. 

Which means MORE TIME on the phone...feeling forced to reduce our prices and AT THE SAME TIME ad costs continue rise like the national debt. 

Well... dabbing on a little... Shinobi Magic we've totally figured out how to "kick that" too.

I just had a partner whose well known in the internet marketing space light up as he was telling me now he’s able scale his multi-million dollar biz 3x since he doesn’t have to spend hours on the phone.

I truly didn't know what he was more excited about?

Having his biggest year ever? his words, "all the free time in the world" he's got now. 

(He’s got a few kiddos too that don’t like to be quiet just because daddy’s on a sales call:-)

I can't say for sure?

But, like Uber is making the need for taxis obsolete...

What we're doing with 6-Minute Sales may hour long strategy sessions obsolete?

Would you be open to using it inside your business?

Cuz... If you’ve got people interested in what you do...

6-Minute Sales™ can slash the amount of time you're on the phone to 6 minutes, if not get you off strategy sessions all together.

At the same time...

Increase your income, because what we've found is the time on phone calls are the biggest "choking" point in the automated income machine.

In short...

No more waking up feeling forced to be on the phone all day...and more SCALABLE income. 

If you're down with that here's what to do next...

Click the link below and grab your copy of 6-Minute Sales™ and close your first 6-Minute Sale by weeks end.

You Might Be Wondering (FAQ)

What's The Investment For 6-Minute Sales™?

The investment to have a clearer calendar and more stripe notifications hitting your phone by weeks end with 6-Minute Sales™ is one payment of $57.

Can I Buy This, Try This, And Then Ask For A Refund?

Due to the digital nature of 6-Minute Sales™—and the fact that you could consume it in just a few, short hours—we do not offer refunds. 

The reality? Once you complete and implement 6-Minute Sales™, you’ll be thinking of a different r-word: Referral. 😉

When Do I Get Access To Everything?

You get access immediately! This is a self-paced, instant access, implementation workshop, so all you have to do is sign up and you’ll get everything delivered straight to your inbox.

So you can start today! Or tomorrow! Or next week! Or next year! (Though I recommend starting sooner rather than later!)

I’m So Busy Already, I Barely Have Time Now As It Is?

Sounds like you need this even more, so you can free up some of those hours spent doing sales calls.

Also you don't need hours upon hours to implement. The 6-Minute Sales™ program is a 3-day framework for easy implementation, even if you only have a couple of hours in the day.

I’ve got a question not covered here?

If you have a pressing question that is not answered here that you would like answer before purchasing please click here to send a message to my Facebook Page and my team will do their best to answer your question.

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