The Details...

Here’s the 411...

I’m working privately with a few good folks over the next 30-days and showing them exactly how to close up to 80% of their prospects just by asking 9-Questions during their sales calls.

WITHOUT needing any robotic sales script or hearing a bunch of silly objections at the end of the call.

(We use my 9-Question Close High-Ticket Sales Strategy.)

(It’s just ONE of the things they’ll walk away with, which they can profit from for years to come) 

For these good folks...

I will go over everything needed to run this for themselves...

You’ll also walk away knowing: 

How to get more sales calls than you can handle. (Not kidding, I've had clients that have to STOP using the system so their team can catch up.)
How to hear more YES'S on sales calls by handling objections and dealing with price at the beginning of the call
How to make sure you only sell to the HOTTEST leads.

My students get clients IMMEDIATELY too.

I hand over all  my frameworks, examples, and templates galore so there's no head scratching on what to do or say to grow your business.

I Imagine You've Gotta Bunch-O Questions

Do I need to be a great salesperson?

You don’t. In fact, if you are a great salesperson, it usually hurts more than it helps. I am going to be sharing my 3-track-trance-method. 

Every person has a CHILD, PARENT AND ADULT track running in their head. When you speak to all 3 tracks at the same time, in the right sequence and correct tone... you’ll be able to trigger buying... even if you “suck at selling”. 

It really is simple and easy. 

Do I need a big following?

While having ravings fans can always be helpful, after helping 100s of business from folks just start out to mini-celebrites we've actually found no increase in results because of it.

You will be able to pull in new clients regardless

Will The 9-Question Close work in my niche?

I've run this across 20 industries around the world and had tremendous success. As long as there are PEOPLE with problems that you can solve, the 9-Question Close will work because we simply tap into psychology which really never changes.

Are there any bonuses?

You bet! In addition to never missing out on qualified sales again with the 9-Question Close I'm also going to share with you my Toll Booth Strategies that generated over $1 Million dollars in CASH not sales in just 5 months for my private clients.

Toll Booths are 4 individual strategies that will help you book more calls and get a new wave of clients coming in without spending any money on advertising. Here's a peek at the four:

1. Want to get in front of a couple hundred, or even a couple thousand potential clients every week? Use the Spectators Toll Booth

2. Need to ethically use another entrepreneurs audience, authority, and influence to get new clients? The Borrower Toll Booth will do just that.

3. Interested in having a handful of the best clients reaching out to work with you every month? It couldn't be easier thanks to the Referral Toll Booth.

4. Like to become the industry expert in your niche? With a waitlist of clients? Instant Expert Toll Booth will cover you there.

The final bonus is direct support from me. This isn't about information. Information won't change your business. You need implementation!

I'll come alongside you and help you use these tactics to grow your business over the next 30 days.

How much is it?

I GUARANTEE results for every client I work with.

The investment for my help is $1,995 and 5% of the gross sales increase that I help produce for your business. That way my success is tied to your success.

Most of my clients make 10x that in 30 days as long as they've got a high-ticket offer.

Your results are guaranteed in two ways: 

You MUST see an increase in sales in 30 days or less (on average my clients see an increase of at least $20k). If not my services cost you NOTHING and you get the $1,995 returned to you. I put that in writing for ya 🙂

How do I get a spot?

If you've read everything above just message me back...

"I'M IN"

Then I'll get you set up.

First come... First served.

After all...

I can only work hands on with so many people effectively 🙂