The Mansion VIP Experience is for entrepreneurs who are looking to add $1.2 Million in new revenue while working part-time in their business.

Signature Sales Talk™ - Ghost Writing Session

It's not what you do, it's how you do it!

Virtual events are not new. I've been running them personally since January 2018.

The reason folks don't do AT LEAST $100,000 in new sales every time they have one is because of HOW they do that event.

Specifically the presentation that they put on during that event. 

With the help of behavioral scientist and a licensed psychologist I created a presentation framework that is proven to move the audience to buy.

During our VIP Day I'll pull it out and write a presentation for your event that will make the cash register sing!

SneaK Peek Trailer™ - Filmed 

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6-Figure Day Sales System™

A scientific & psychology backed approach to hosting virtual events that generate $100,000 in sales.

(one student had their 6-figure day 14-days after learning the system)


This is included with your purchase - TODAY ONLY!


Seats on Demand™ Concierge Service

With the Seats on Demand™ concierge service my team will set up and automate the entire virtual event process for you.

Our team:

- Builds the Sneak Peek Trailer™ funnel

- Creates Facebook Ads for the Sneak Peek Trailer™

- Builds out Sneak Peek Trailer™ reminder/follow-up sequences

- Activates the Autopilot Method™ so you can sell tickets even when you’re sleep


This is included with your purchase - TODAY ONLY!


Pitch Perfect Profits™

Shoulder to shoulder we'll craft a simple but powerful pitch that proves your offer is the audience's BEST CHANCE at getting what they desire.

Then we'll rehearse it until it's as natural as introducing yourself.


This is included with your purchase - TODAY ONLY!


Walkie-Talkie Coaching (12-Months)

Time is your most valuable asset.

As an entrepreneur I am in complete control of my time and you should be too.

So I won't be CLOGGING up your calendar with a bunch of "coaching calls" that you may or not be able to make sometimes.

You'll get 12-months of direct walkie-talkie access to me.

Whenever you have a question, comment or concern you push a button and say "hey coach, question for you"

That way instead of waiting to show up for a pre-scheduled time every week

You get support & coaching the very second you need it most.


This is included with your purchase - TODAY ONLY!