Okay, Elijah:

Watched your video.
I'm tired of grinding away to build my business month after month
Please help me create FREEDOM in my business using the Freedom Formula shown above
I know this requires an investment 
That's okay - I'm ready
And I know getting your help is 100% risk free because if you can help me you'll make me a written guarantee

$48K Collected in 10 Days...

"Closed 15 at $20K with 30-Minute Calls"

$6K Paid in Full!

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[GUARANTEED] Simplify & Create Freedom into Your Business

Is it the clients you want... or the money? 

You don’t increase revenue by 58% while decreasing new customers by 68% on accident.

This was an intentional shift by me and it came loud and clear when I was having a convo with a friend and mentor, Travis.

He asked something that I now ask EVERY SINGLE one of the people I work with. 

“Is it the people you want... or the money”

Pretty damn good question huh 🤔 

Daily I see people talking about ways to get MORE CLIENTS.

You know 10-20 a month. Sometimes even 30-50.

No judgement to those people by the way. That may align perfectly with what they want in life.

Personally I prefer to not have to work with 120 - 600 people every year to hit my financial goals...

That means I’ve gotta do a few things.

If I want 50k hitting my bank account this month I COULD go find 20-30 new peeps to work with  

But I COULD also go get 5 people... and hit the same target.

Let’s say I’ve already got $15k coming in this month. I may not need new people at all to hit $50K 

Might be able to go to the people I’ve already got 🧐

The more I can increase recurring revenue so I don’t start from scratch every month or damn near the fewer people I HAVE to go out and find each month

And we all know acquiring a new customer can be one of the most difficult things ever in business

If you’re like me and prefer more cash money in your pockets...

...without having to chase bunches and bunches of new clients every month 

I think we owe it to each other to at least chat 💭

Click the link below I’m sure we can figure out pretty quick if it makes sense to get my help.

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