The Cost of Leads is KILLING YOUR BUSINESS This Will Fix It...

Read below to discover the SECRET about being flooded with new leads that'll STOP THE BLEEDING.


Make sure you never pay out of pocket for leads again

In fact, when using this overlooked method it’s not unheard of to actually get paid to get the leads!

(How many leads could you handle if they didn’t cost a dime? 🧐)

HOW? (aka THE PLAN):

Most folks got it wrong…

Anybody who gives them a name and some phony email they count as a lead

Problem is:

❌ the cost to acquire this crappy ‘contact info’ is through the roof

❌ even worse these lookie-lous NEVER do anything you want them to 🤬

8 out of 10 don’t even open emails…

Let alone BUY your high-ticket programs, products & services 🤦🏽‍♂️

But I’m preaching to the choir right now because you already know this!

It’s gotten so bad you might not even be advertising anymore!

…why spend a small fortune on a lookie-lou who didn’t even give a real email address?

Sometimes they even lie about their names!

Lean in close now…

Here’s something the poo roo’s 💩 won’t tell ya

After flushing fortunes down the toilet 🚽 😭

I found out the hard way…

Just because someone is your “avatar” 🙄

And you have some contact info does NOT make them a lead

That’s a suspect!

Which is why our first order of business (if you choose to join me)

…will be to show you the difference between a SUSPECT and an actual LEAD

Once that’s settled into your noggin

Our next order of business will be to setup a P.I.T.A Filter for your $2,000+ offers

(P.I.T.A is an acronym that stands for Pain in the…ARSE)

It’s like one of those fancy water bottle filters

But for your business…

…and instead of filtering out dirt it filters out all the suspects & lookie-lous who aren’t ready to invest in your help now!

(these filters are so effective one company used em to go from $50M to $250M in 12-months 🤯)

P.I.T.A Filters leave you with the folks who will happily pay whatever you charge NOW

And since they’re ready to pay NOW their payment covers your ad cost!

Warning ⚠️ though FREE leads is a dangerous accelerant to throw on a business!

It’ll heat up your income to levels the devil himself can’t handle!

In all seriousness though

I know what you’re thinking 💭

How long would it take me to set that up?

If it takes you any longer than a week it’ll because you kicked your feet up and took a week long vacation

(it’s not unheard of for students to set everything up in a day or two)

I’ve even done the heavy lifting for ya and created a P.I.T.A Filter template that way you can spend as little effort & energy possible to get it done!

That way you bolt this onto your biz and started flooding your high-ticket offers with these FREE leads


At this point I am NOT looking for equity in your company. 

I’m offering to help you solve this issue in your business in hopes that you’ll benefit from it and want my help on other areas in your business down the road.

And that if and when that time comes you will have no hesitation in getting my help because you had such a positive experience in the past.


This is going to be most useful to course creators, agency owners, business coaches or consultants who are not just starting out.

You’ve likely got a high-ticket offer that creates great results for folks

You just need an affordable, repeatable and predictable way to let more folks know that you exist and how you can impact their life

That you can spend more time on what you enjoy (i.e. working with clients) rather than finding & selling them.


You bet, I’ve dug deep into my vault and pulled out two of my most powerful tools 🛠️


Build it and they will come just ain’t true…

Just because you’ve got an offer doesn’t mean folks will know about it!

Content That Converts™ is something I created a few years back to flood my inbox with folks who have the willingness & intent to buy my TrustOffer™

In this bonus I’m gonna hand you my signature tool when it comes to letting folks know about TrustOffers…

A fill-in-the-blank PDF called the 5-Minute Content Creator

All you have to do is fill in your answers on the sheet and at the end you’ll have a piece of content that will get strangers to raise their hands, looking for details of your TrustOffer™

This tool works really well organically and with paid ads

Bonus #2 is…


This is a 4-Day micro coaching program for coaches, course creators & agency owners who want to retire from selling over the phone 📵

I’ll pull back the curtain on the exact process my my multi 7-figure business uses to sell out $2k-$50k offers to strangers WITHOUT sales calls

This bootcamp is one I’ve frequently charged folks for but you’ll receive a ticket 100% free as a bonus!


What’s the investment?

The investment to kiss your lead problems goodbye and have a line of folks who are ready to happily join your high-ticket offers…


The Content That Converts & Phoneless Selling Bootcamp bonuses is...(click to continue reading)

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