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If you’re open to it...

(I know you’d need more info)

But if you’d like my help enrolling clients without having to convince or remember some slithery 🐍 sales script

Or even if you just want to be able to charge what you’re worth I’ve got details for you.

But I wanna be upfront on who I’ll be useful for and to.

I’ll be mostly useful if you’re not just starting out.

And you get good results for folks but when you talk with prospects they just aren’t opening up their wallets even though they love what you do

And you’re stuck being unable to consistently got your income goals.

If that’s you book here now

I'll ask some questions about your biz and we'll go over the deets of how this works for ya.

You may be wondering about the investment for this. I always hated not knowing. The investment is $598.

For those who would be getting my help on this. Not only will I show you how to do it you’ll also see how to create a waiting list of clients and you’ll get templates too.

Some of these templates have sold millions of dollars so it’ll take a lot of the heavy lifting out for ya.

Now I’m one person, I can’t open unlimited spots for this plus I spend most of my time actually doing this stuff but if you want new clients on demand book a call here and we’ll chat

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Not sure what one client is worth to ya 🤔

$2k? $5k? $12k?

The numbers really start to stack up!

Elijah, Please Consider Me!

I promise:

I'm a good person
Easy to work with
Highly motivated
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