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You can close more $2k-$50k clients over the phone in the next 4-weeks even if you’re scared of being salesy

In fact, you can do it in 9 simple questions...with my 9-Question Close Sales Strategy

The 9-Question Close is the only strategy that flips selling on its head and has your prospects selling THEMSELVES on working with you instead of the other way around.

And unlike all these “gurus” with ads bombarding your newsfeed 🙄...

I actually believe that when you hire an expert you should know with certainty that you’re going to see results and not flush hard earned money down the toilet 🚽 

Which is why instead of demanding you pay a small fortune and NEVER guaranteeing that you actually close more sales like these savvy marketers 🤢

I put my money where my mouth is 🤑 

See I’ve been blessed to consult on sales strategy behind the scenes with hundreds of businesses from government entities and large corporations to solopreneurs since 2009

This isn’t some BS script that I typed up and decided I’m going to sell people on so I can line my pockets.

The 9-Question Close is battle-tested ⚔️ 

It’s been used in over 20 industries generating $18M+ in sales just since 2015

So it’s easy for me to stand behind the results and say the 9-Question Close can produce more sales WITHIN DAYS of using it for the right business 

No ifs, ands, or buts about it

Let me rub off some of the shine for ya...

To be completely transparent I’m not always successful when teaching this, but my clients never lose a dime.

Because they pay me out of the profits the 9-Question Close brings them and if I can’t do that they pay nothing 🤷🏽‍♂️ 

Now I want to be clear on who the 9-Question Close is going to be most useful for:

💰 someone whose got at least a $2k offer (preferably more; we routinely use the 9-Question Close on $30k+ offers)

💰 someone who has a proven product, program, or service and isn’t just starting out in business

💰 someone who is either doing all the sales themselves and wants avoid long calls where you hear silly objections at the end OR someone who has a sales team in place and wants them to perform more efficiently

💰 someone whose monthly income is capped at the $10k-$50k range and would like to push through the next income ceiling by closing more sales

If anyone of those is your situation it’s likely you can have more sales notifications hitting your bank by week’s end.

I’m sure you’d need more info but if you’d like my help using the 9-Question Close to hear more “I’M INs” at the end of sales calls then we should talk. Click the link below and book a time for us to chat

If you’re just wondering “what’s this gonna cost me”

The investment structure is $1,995 plus a small percentage of the gross sales increase the 9-Question Close produces for you.

You’re results are secured in TWO ways:

1️⃣ As I mentioned before within 30 days or less, you MUST see an increase in sales (most of my clients see an increase of at least $20k)

2️⃣ Each and every month, I must deliver multiples of my fee to you in increased sales. If not, my services cost you nothing

In other words I carry all the risk and you win in either case. 

So you can be assured that I’ll work my tail off for ya 👌🏽

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