Could This Help Your Fitness Biz?

I'm excited to chat with you! Here's some details of what we'd do together so that you can bring any questions to the call. Talk soon 🙂


Our mission is to get your fitness business more clients that pay ya what you’re worth (I’ll show ya how we signed up an average of 22 clients every single month that paid us $300+/month... (on average our clients stayed with us for 12-months). 

Lastly, I’ll hand you that entire process we used completely automated for your business so that you never have to focus on DMing, creating HOURS of content, or becoming some Instagram Influencer to grow your business.


I spent $55,094 of my OWN MONEY building a fitness marketing campaign and the results were pretty amazing!

The campaign produced $297,920 in sales…

And 200 new clients! 

Now I want to hand the ENTIRE THING OVER TO YOU!

You’ll get my best converting ads...funnel...follow up sequence… and booking messages

The best part is you don’t have to do ANYTHING but put your business name in place of mine and then press launch.

My favorite part of this campaign was that using a special qualification process I put together we can close 90% of the folks who walk through your doors.


This is going to be most useful for:

  • Gym owners who are trying to bounce back after COVID-19

  • Gym owners looking to create a proven and steady flow of new clients for online coaching

  • Online coaches looking for a battle-tested way to get new clients


What’s the investment?

If you want to finally spend more time serving your clients than selling them then the investment is PRICELESS! 

But in all seriousness the investment to license my $300,000 fitness marketing campaign is just a single payment of $2,500. 

If you can’t make the lump sum we may be able to come up with a feasible payment plan option as well.

Is there a GUARANTEE?

You betcha! I fully guarantee your results. 

If the campaign I give you doesn’t increase your profits, then it costs you nothing. 

I offer this guarantee an important reason. 

To me, it’s always seemed unfair that an ad agency or consultant charges massive fees but doesn’t have to produce anything to earn them. But by guaranteeing your results, we’re both highly motivated to make this project as successful as possible.

Oh and this isn’t some silly pinky promise guarantee I actually write up this guarantee and sign it as a full on legal document so that you’re fully protected 🙂

I’ve got a question not covered here?

That’s to be expected. There are a few details which I more than likely have the answer to, but are different for every customer.

Happy to handle them if it makes sense to move forward.

If It Makes Sense To Move Forward? Here’s What to Do Next...

I’d be surprised if you didn’t have questions you need answered before making a commitment. But, if it makes sense so far, and you meet the qualifications above and want to move forward…

1. Just shoot me a text back at (614) 412-0934

2. I’ll answer any questions and I will have a bunch of my own 🙂 

3. If it makes sense to go on a “first date” we’ll set it up!

About Me

Elijah Bowie

Elijah is a sought out speaker and online business consultant. Since 2009 he's coached hundreds of businesses across the world in over 22 different industries on his proven online/brick & mortar business growth strategies. 

His clients list includes hundreds of small boutique gyms as well as national chains such as The Camp Transformation Center, Iron Tribe Fitness, and much more

Elijah is responsible for over $26 Million dollars in sales.

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